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Welcome to Galicia, the green northwestern Spanish corner that forms its own culture full of legends and historia.

Here, we uses the magic of Galicia to work according to the concept of arranging as unique, motivating, attractive and surprising experiences as possible with all the incredible elements and opportunities the region of Galicia offers.
Camino de Santiago
St. Jacob's Pilgrimage Road attracts pilgrims from all over the world to the city of Santiago de Compostela in the heart of Galicia to visit St. Jacob's Tomb.

Santiago de Compostela and the pilgrimage route also inspire us and we obviously benefit from that. "El camino" is one big opportunity and gives a huge experience no matter how we choose to use it.

We has established itself as one of the large group and corporate organizers nationally and internationally in Galicia with its initiative creation where we see the experience through the customer's impression.
New opportunities are part of bbeabridge activities, the vision and perception of the constant change of tourism gives us even more opportunities to make even more of our own dreams and expressions in both the domestic and international market. We speak Spanish, English and Scandinavian and we are not only inspired by St. Jakob but we are also looking for inspiration from St. Olav and Saint Birgitta's pilgrimages.

We follow our dreams and feelings just as Saint Birgitta did as a wife, mother and as the first Nordic contribution to world literature at a time when women in general were not allowed to learn to read or write. Saint Birgitta has become an inspiration and connection between Sweden and Galicia and we has taken the initiative together with the non-profit association Bbeabridge to build a bridge between Scandinavia and Galicia.



Non profitable organisation, Sweden


Building Bridge to Galicia, Spain. History and Rolemodels in present times. 


El camino matters!.

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We have a collaboration with Galicia and their specialized people. We have contacts with the travelagents from some contries in Europe such as Stockholm, Sweden.


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No matter how you prefer to go to Galicia, it will always be reasons to revalue and set a Goal to get going. 

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You can go "El Camino", get closer to your ancestors and roots as well as a deeper connections to nature and more 

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